Client: eni iraq bv

Location: Zubair oil field

1.1.Electrical Works:


  • Installation of cables between existing MCC cubical and equipment installed at site by others.   Installations to include buried cable ways, cable trays and /or conduit in production facilities.   Including, but not limited to:
    • Excavation for required cabling, supports and other works;
    • Cable tray design and construction;
    • Conduit design and installation;
    • Cable glanding and terminating;
    • Cable and core marking;
    • Cable splicing;
    • Cable testing.
  • Modifications to existing MCC, adding sections and or modifying cubicles.
  • Installation of new power management equipment such as MCCs, Distribution panels, Open air substations, Gas insulated substations.  Systems will be 400 VAC, 6.6 KVAC, 11KVAC and 33KVAC.
  • Installation of generators less than 2 MW including all electrical interconnections, testing and commissioning but not including generator site preparation, fixing the generator at site and commissioning the generator driver.
  • Installation of Electrical Power Transformers 
  • Installation of lighting systems in production plants.
  • Installations of MV (6.6KV or 11 KV) cables in conjunction with flowline installations.  This work will be coordinated with the flowline contractor so that the electrical cable shares the excavation for the flowline.  Installations include; stringing and laying the cable,  termination of cables, splicing cables, setting and commissioning transformers, any required OHL installations between the underground section and the MV substation.
  • Installation and testing of circuit protection devices.   The testing is to be done in conjunction with new installations and will be done on a campaign basis for test installed equipment.
  • Thermal survey of installed equipment.
  • Installing grounding systems and making improvements to existing grounding systems.


1.2.Instrumentation Works:


  • Termination of cables between existing Control Room Panels and field instrumentation including revising the as-built drawings for the panels.
  • Installation of instrument cables between Junction boxes and instruments utilizing, tray, conduit and cable systems as required.
  • Installation and termination of cables between junction boxes and or control panels including buried cable ways, cable trays and conduit as required.
  • Installation of new instruments including supports, tubing, cabling, calibrating and commissioning.
  • Installing new instrumentation to existing modern PLC control system where provision was made in the original panel design for new instruments to be added.
  • Installation of fiber optic cable (single mode, 24 cores)[SB1]  in coordination with the flowline installation contractor between the DGS and the well sites. 
  • Provide termination and splicing capability for both single mode and multimode fiber optic cables.
  • Installation including electrical interconnections, testing and commissioning of  DCS, F&G Control Panels, Metering System etc. at Zubair Field DGSs   
  • Cable installations including:
    • Excavation for required cabling, supports and other works;
    • Cable tray design and construction;
    • Conduit design and installation;
    • Cable glanding and terminating;
    • Cable and core marking.


1.3.Electrical Engineering

Engineering will be provided and included in the unit rates for the contract.  When the engineering requires analysis outside the limit of the equipment to be installed, engineering will be offered on manpower basis.  Electrical Engineering shall include, but not limited to the following:


  • Produce the following electrical drawings, as required but not limited to the following:
    • Overall one-line diagram(s) of electrical system.
    • Protection and metering one-line diagrams.
    • Installation details (assemblies) as required.
    • Protection relay co-ordination curves/one-lines and setting tables.
    • Lighting plans (indoor and outdoor).
    • Underground plans.
    • Aboveground plans.
    • Elementary (schematic) drawings.
    • Connection diagrams.
    • MCC and Distribution Panel drawings
    • Substation drawings (equipment layout plans).
    • Control building plan drawings.
    • Miscellaneous Building drawings.
    • Electric heat tracing drawings.
    • Cable schedules.
    • “As-Built” drawings for all underground electrical installations
    • Hazardous area classification drawings,
    • Earthing plans.
    • Erection works specifications and documentations.
    • Verify interface with other facilities, as required, for tie-ins and integration of new electrical and cathodic protection systems with the above facilities.
  • Provide calculations and studies, as required, to verify and validate that the deliverables produced are complete, accurate, correct and represent a safe and working design.
  • Calculations and studies should include, as applicable, but not limited to the following:
    • Relay co-ordination
    • Grounding study
    • Short circuit (3-phase and earth fault)
    • Load flow
    • Motor starting
    • Cable de-rating
    • Cable pulling (where applicable)
    • Emergency generator sizing
    • UPS loading
    • Lighting calculations
    • Lightning protection
    • Equipment sizing
  • Electrical system studies such as short circuit, load flow motor staring and transient stability shall be carried out.


1.4.Cathodic Protection engineering

Cathodic protection engineering shall include, but not be limited to the following:


  • Developing full design, details, installation specifications, data sheets, drawings for the Temporary Cathodic Protection system, as required by the duty specification, to protect pipelines prior to commissioning of the permanent Cathodic Protection system.
  • performing soil resistivity surveys at ground bed locations.


1.5.Instrumentation Engineering

Instrument Engineering shall include, but not be limited to the following:


  • Review and provide instrumentation input to P&IDs development;
  • Prepare specifications for purchase of instruments and instrument systems;
  • Review and finalize cause-and-effect diagrams;
  • Prepare instrument data sheets;
  • Prepare Telecommunication Systems specification;
  • Prepare Telecommunication Systems block diagram;
  • Prepare fiber optic cable diagrams and specifications for required materials;
  • Prepare material requisition and purchase requisition;
  • Prepare finalized instrument index detailing instrument tag numbers, location, service, type and model of instrument, name of manufacturer, data sheet number and reference to installation drawings;
  • Prepare flow element, control valves, and safety valve sizing calculations;
  • Prepare installation drawings and details (hook-up drawings);
  • Prepare individual loop diagrams;
  • Prepare material take-off and summary for erection materials;
  • Prepare I/O Lists;
  • Prepare equipment location, installation and inter‑connection drawings;
  • Prepare interfacing with other facilities, as required, for tie-ins and integration of the control systems with other systems;
  • Prepare control, ESD, and F & G narratives;
  • Prepare field data cable supply and routing;
  • Prepare grounding details;
  • Check that the quantity and the accuracy of data collecting gauges and control loops are suitable for allowing the plant correct operation, the plant performance monitoring and the implementation of Predictive Maintenance when required;
  • General control room layout and preliminary operator console arrangement;
  • Data sheets of all loops including tag numbers, loop functions, service, analogue and digital inputs/outputs, measuring range, units of measurement;
  • Logic diagrams and sequence control diagrams;
  • Instrument loop diagrams;
  • Prepare cable core labels;
  • Wiring and loop diagrams for all signal typologies;
  • Wiring diagram for power supply distribution;
  • Draft of overview graphics;
  • Drafts for process graphics as manual drafts or marked up P&ID's Standards for graphics including symbol and colour definition, text and value definition colour plan and code, line code, structure of symbols;
  • List of groups of variables.